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More about Pieter Mouton

On a personal note, Pieter Mouton is the spouse of the successful and talented gospel singer, Riana Mouton. On weekends he is actively involved in Riana’s Word-in-Song Ministry and also handles the sound and equipment for the various ministry events, appearance and shows.

Pieter and Jaco are also part-time farmers and are currently farming with sheep and planting crops like sunflower, corn, soy and oats.

Pieter and Riana Mouton
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If you want to know more about Riana Mouton's Word-in-Song Ministry or want to listen to a few interviews, visit Riana's website. Follow any of the links below.

Phone or send an email request if you want more detailed information on any of the above mentioned. Ri's Workshop would like to hear from you.

Invitations to Riana Mouton to participate in one of your
 shows or events are also very welcome.
Her calendar is at: rmouton.dieknoop.org/calendar



Riana and Pieter Mouton

Salomé and Jaco Mouton
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Pieter Mouton


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